Brand New Beat


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beadsorbees Good god, what an awesome record. You see everyone making the comparisons to Elvis Costello and Joe Jackson - they ain't wrong. This is pure, unadulterated snotty power pop. Love "She Can Do It All" in the super-hit-six slot! Favorite track: Don't Go Falling In Love.
Steven Brady
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Steven Brady A rebirth of Elvis Costello! Favorite track: Weekend Girls.
Freddie French-Pounce
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Freddie French-Pounce Power Pop Perfection! Feel-Good, upbeat songs, with the standard required ballads filling in all the needed gaps! Strongly recommended Power Pop perfection! Favorite track: Partied Out.
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1. Hit the Ground
2. Don’t Go Falling In Love
3. Partied Out
4. She’s Not Sorry
5. Everybody Knows
6. She Can Do It All
7. I Don’t Wanna Cry
8. Weekend Girls
9. How Many Times
10. Qualified


released October 30, 2012

Produced by Wyatt Funderburk
released 30 October 2012

The Party Animals:

Kurt Baker – Lead Vox, Bass, Guitar
Wyatt Funderburk – Back Up Vox, Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Keys
Kris “Fingers” Rodgers – Back Up Vox, Keys
Geoff “Useless” Palmer – Back Up Vox, Rhythm Guitar
Adam Cargin – Drums


Josh Malia – Rhythm Guitar on tracks 2, 8
Michael Miek Rodrigue – Lead Guitar on tracks 1, 7, 10

Produced, Recorded and Engineered by Wyatt Funderburk
February 2011 – August 2012
@ Nebulon II (Nashville, TN)
Standish Rock City (Standish, ME)
Geoff & Jackie’s Rad Party Pad (Portsmouth, NH)

Drums Recorded and Engineered by Landon Arkens
@ The Blast House (Madison, WI)

Mastered by Landon Arkens @ The Blast House (Madison, WI)

All songs written by K. Baker & W. Funderbuk (BJORNS CHOICE ASCAP) except
“Weekend Girls” written by K. Baker, W. Funderburk (BJORNS CHOICE ASCAP) and J. Reddick (Hangovers Happen Music ASCAP) All rights exclusively administered worldwide by Kobalt Songs Music Publishing


All our wonderful friends and family for your awesome support.. especially Kristen and Harlan Baker, Jay Coyle, Ryan Minter @ Jolly Ronnie Records, Pepe @ Torrezenetes, StefanTijs, Jon Doucette, Rachel Bernier, Mandy Funderburk, Landon Arkens, Lauren McLean, Jackie Lemaire, Drew Brown, Wimpy Rutherford, Zack Sprauge, Craig Sala, Dan Opperman, Dan Vapid and the Cheats, Justin Bricco, Mike @ Madison Music Foundry, Jaret Reddick, Paul Collins, Kasper Keen, Franz & Diego @ Otis Tours, Radio Days, Ryan the Terrible, Eric Law, Nate Doyle, Zipgun Bomber, Connor McGrath, Elsa Freer, Bruce Pingree @ The Press Room, The CRY, The Jetty Boys, Tim Cook, The Outfits, The Connection, Bobby Davis, The Naturals, Dementia 5, Gina Brown, Kip Brown and the Pontiffs, The Challenged, Mark Curdo @ WCYY, Mike Chaney, Elizabeth Racz, Jeff Spreitzer (for the 5LB bag of Haribo Gold Bears), The Sleepwalkers, Fajita Grille, Bud Light Platinum, Casa Fiesta and everybody who’s partied with us, had a blast, given us free drugs, beers, tacos.. we love each and every one of you! Don’t stop being awesome!
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instagram: kurtmiltonbaker



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Kurt Baker is a singer, songwriter and rock n’ roll performer from Portland, Maine who has always gone by the famous saying “Have a Good Time All the Time”. He was the founding member of the notable pop/punk outfit the Leftovers. Since his solo career starting in 2010 Baker has toured the States and Europe and will be releasing his new full length "Brand New Beat" on Oct. 30th 2012. ... more

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Track Name: Hit The Ground

Here I am once again, listen up now
Cuz I’m no stranger to the show
I don’t wanna make no demands
But there is something that you really need to know

I’m sick of waiting, waiting for nothing
Gotta get up and go
All your hating, complaining is wasted
I’m much better off on my own

I know you won’t stand beside me
I’ll find some friends who will
We’ll through one hell of a party
On our way to the top of the hill

When we hit the ground, we hit it running x2

All your doubts running out and you know it
But you can’t talk to the talk
Talk gets round you’re the clown of the town
Cuz you can’t walk the walk

I got a BRAND NEW BEAT (sweeping cross the nation)
And a good good band
So come along with me (rockin’ for a living)
We’re going just as fast as we can
Track Name: Don't Go Falling In Love

A cool September day is when you caught my eye
You were walking through campus as you past me by
So many things that I would love to say
But you were in a hurry I’ll just have to wait

And I don’t know, if you’ve got someone else
It doesn’t show, but my time is running out so

Don’t go, don’t go falling in love x3
Cuz it’s you that I’m thinking of

Saw you at a party on Halloween
You were Marilyn Monroe and there were six James Deans
And if they can’t impress you, I don’t know who can
It’s like I showed up at the invisible man

It’s getting colder I feel so lonely now
Might as well pack up, move along
I can’t stand thinking of you with someone else
I’ve been waiting to say this for so long
Track Name: Partied Out

Same old story every night, I’m drinking everything in sight
Gotta stand up straight, pretend that I’m alright
I’ve got no judgement anymore, can’t pull myself up off the floor
Can someone help me find the bathroom door

Whiskey, champagne, beer and Twisted Tea
Mixing up inside of me
I gotta set my demons free

I’m partied out x3
Ya I’m down for the count, you know I’m partied out

Smoked more than the Grateful Dead, gotta psycho circus in my head
Brains so fried, I’m sure there’s nothing left
Gotta find a better way to spend all of my waking days
It might be time for me to hit the breaks

Sick of being looked at like a fool
When I pass out in the pool
There must be better things to do
Track Name: She's Not Sorry

She wrote a letter, she had things to say
Been so fed up with all the tricks you’ve played
And how this stupid town gets in the way
She’s running away again

So many thoughts running through her mind
Been disenchanted for the longest time
The car is idle in the driveway
She won’t ever be back again

This town ain’t big enough for all her dreams
Times up she needs a change of scenery
And she’s not sorry, no she’s not sorry
She’s leaving town

Have you ever felt the same way to?
Round every corner there is nothing new
Your so fed up you need a change of few
Just get out while you can
I do the same myself and its all in good time
Redundent fleeting friends, ya they’ve all crossed the line
I’d feel so much better, if I was right near her now
I don’t know how
Track Name: Everybody Knows

I know we’ve been seen around
Walking in the streets downtown
And everybody knows that we’ve been talking

He’s been on your case lately
But he’ll find out eventually

And everybody know that we’ve been talking
(Everybody knows that we’ve been talking)
Everybody know that we’ve been falling in love

Your daddy says it’s just not right
He caught you sneaking out last night
And everybody know what we’ve been falling

Like Romeo and Juliet
We’re running and have no regret

And everybody knows that we’ve been talking
(Everybody knows that we’ve been talking)
Everybody know that we’ve been falling in love

No one understands when we are apart
My heart is in the gutter, my soul is in the dark
But there’s no way in hell I could go back living that way
Girl we gotta find a way to make it work
Without them knowing, without their dirty looks
Cuz everybody knows that our love is here to stay
Track Name: She Can Do It All

The cutest girl that I ever seen
Works at the mall at the Dairy Queen
Her name is Jodi, she’s a doll
She can do it all

She hooked me up with a waffle cone
Later on she got me alone
We stayed up late we had a ball
She can do it all

How was I to know
Where that night would go
Or how far I would fall
She can do it all

Every time that she says goodbye
She leaves me with a sugar high
She always answers when I call
She can do it all

How was I to know
Where that night would go
Or how far I would fall
She can do it all

I’m not one for taking chances
On cliché summer romances
We made it to the fall
She can do it all

I’ve had plenty of girls before
But none of them were like you
All the things you taught me how to do
Track Name: I Don't Wanna Cry

Baby, I’ve been let go tossed away
No hope in saving, any love that you once gave
I’m out of reasons, for falling for your empty charms

And maybe, just consider it’s a fact
You’re not the only, one revolving in this act
The show is over, and for me it’s not a happy end

Throughout the good and bad times
I had your heart on standby
But that was only just a dream
Never meant to be

And I don’t wanna cry
It’s something a boy shouldn’t do
And now you’re gone and I just can’t go on
I’ll be lonely, I’ll be sad, I’ll be blue

Ignore it, detach yourself, the best way out
Forgetting whatever we were once about
No matter, you live and you learn, and I just lost

So that’s me, made a fool because of you
And that’s the last thing, that’ll ever need to prove
There’s just no reason, to think that our love will survive
Track Name: Weekend Girls

Countdown to Friday night has started again
We’re going to load the El Camino up, take it for a spin
Out on the docks and by 10 o’clock
We’re gonna bring this place to life

Arms in the air waving side to side
All the ladies in the place are looking mighty fine
Dancing all night till the sun comes up
Oh ya they know just what I like

I like weekend girls, those weekend girls
They’re always up for a good time
I like weekend girls, those weekend girls
They always know what’s on my mind
Those weekend girls

Lights are flashing and the music’s loud
I’ve been hung up all week but my time is now
Gotta drink in my hand and a girl in my arms
And I don’t even know her name

Blasting Crüe on the stereo
If you’re down and out just get up and go
Gotta work on Monday from 9 to 5
At a dead end job but tonight I’m alive

Saturday is on my mind as soon as Sunday’s at and end
I’ve met girls on Monday but it’s useless to pretend
That they’ve got the looks, the ways,
the moves that are so untouchable
I can’t wait till the weekends here
Because I’ve finally got a girl, those weekend girls
Track Name: How Many Times

Lately, I’ve been acting kinda strange
But I was ready for a change
A change from the past

And baby, you know that it’s just as well
I’m a little overwhelmed
Underneath your spell

All of my wishes came true
The moment that I met you

Out of my mind, out of the blue
I’m hypnotized by the things that you do
And each day is so brand new
How many times can I fall in love with you?

It’s crazy, to think of you in such away
You surprise me every day,
I’ll never be the same again

And baby, I’ll do anything for you
Anything and everything you want me to do
Track Name: Qualified

When I hit the town you know I always do it right
Got no worries on my mind, never looking for a fight
And when the parties going you’ll be knowing I’m the man of the hour

My phone is always ringing, I got numerous request
Cept the one girl on my mind, she don’t think that I’m the best
So here’s my application if you still got a position to fill

I’m Qualified Yeah, you’re gonna be my girl tonight

When I’m on the stage the boys and me put on a show
We’ll get your heart beatin’ with our old time rock n’ roll
I never lose my cool but I’m a fool when you’re out in the crowd

I’m qualified, to treat you right
My references are good and you know it’s understood
I’m qualified to be your man tonight
If you’ve seen my resume than there’s not much more to say